Prof. Subir Kumar Saha, a 1983 Mechanical Engineering graduate from RE College (Now NIT), Durgapur, India, completed his M. Tech from IIT Kharagpur, India, and Ph. D from McGill University, Canada. Upon completion of his Ph. D, he joined Toshiba Corporation’s R&D Center in Japan. After 4-years of work experience in Japan, he has been with IIT Delhi since 1996.

He is actively engaged in teaching, research, and technology transfer. He completed sponsored projects and consultancies worth more than Rs. 8 crores (~ USD1.2 million). Prof. Saha established the Mechatronics Laboratory at IIT Delhi in 2001. As recognition of his international contributions, Prof. Saha was awarded the Humboldt Fellowship in 1999 by the AvH Foundation, Germany, and the Naren Gupta Chair Professorship at IIT Delhi in 2010. He has been also a visiting faculty at IIT Madras and short term researcher at Mcgill University, Canada, Monash University, Australia, and University of Verona, Italy. Prof. Saha has written several books. A text book on “Introduction to Robotics” published by McGraw-Hill in India and Singapore was also translated in Mexican Spanish. He has also written three course booklets on “Robotics” for IGNOU, New Delhi. To make learning the subject of robotics fun, a software called RoboAnalyzer was developed under his supervision and distributed free through He has co-authored two more specialized books with two of his ex-Ph. D students, 1) “Dynamics of Tree-type Robotics Systems” supported with ReDySim (Recursive Dynamics Simulator) software; and 2) “Dynamics and Balancing of Multibody Systems.” Both were published by Springer. He has more than 200 research publications in reputed journals/conference proceedings, and delivered more than 160 invited/keynote lectures in India and abroad.

Prof. Saha’s two special interests are: 1) “Researchizing  Rural Problems,” i.e., converting rural problems into research topics, which he propagates through a lecture series called MuDRA or Multibody Dynamics for Rural Applications (delivered 65 times since 2007) and his book on multibody systems; 2) “Robotics Competition Based Education in Engineering” or RoCK-BEE to encourage students to build robots in order to understand the underlying engineering concepts and make them work reliably to win a competition. This he pursues through a lecture series called RoCK-BEE (delivered 82 times since 2007) and a fiction book in the same name published by The book was also translated in Bengali. 

Prof. Saha occupied several administrative positions at IIT Delhi. For example, he was the Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering during 2015-18, Associate Dean of Students during 2009-12, Vice-Chairman of GATE/JAM/GMAT examinations during 2008-09, President of BRCA during 2010-11, and others. Presently, he is the Coordinator of the Rural Technology Action Group (RuTAG) at IIT Delhi, a programme sponsored by the Office of the Principle Scientific Adviser to the Govt. of India. Prof. Saha is also the Vice-President (Academic) of the Robotics Society (formally known as Robotics Society of India), and National judge of the DD-Robocom competitions in India since 2005. During 2008-15, he was the Vice President of the Association of Machines and Mechanisms (An IFToMM body in India). His philanthropic interest spans over last two decades. Prof. Saha introduced awards/prizes in his school (Vidyasagar Vidyapeath in Midnapore, West Bengal; R.E. College (now NIT) Durgapur, DD-Robocon competitions, and Robotics club at IIT Delhi.


Curriculum Vitae
Degree Year College/Institute/University Discipline/Thesis
Ph. D Oct., 1991 McGill University, Canada Dynamics of Robotic Systems
M. Tech May, 1985 IIT Kharagpur, India Machine Tool Engineering
B.E May, 1983 RE College (now NIT), Durgapur, India Mechanical Engineering
Field Duration From Organization Position Responsibility
Academic (16.5 yrs.+) 6.5 yrs. + Oct.’06 IIT Delhi Professor Teaching/Supervision/Research/Consultancy
6 yrs 10 mos Jan.’00 -- do -- Associate Prof. -- do --
3.5 yrs July’96 -- do -- Assistant Prof. -- do --
1 yr. Dec.’06 IIT Madras (Leave from IIT Delhi) Professor -- do --
10 mos Aug.’95 -- do -- Visiting Faculty -- do --
Industrial (4 yrs. 5 mos.) 3 yrs 9 mos Nov.’91 R&D Center, Toshiba Corp., Japan Research Scientist Space robot simulation
8 mos May’84 IISCO (SAIL), Burnpur, India Management Trainee M/c shop supervision
Others (1 yr. 1.5 mos.) 1 mos June’06 Univ. of Verona, Italy Collaborative Professor Landing mechanisms for space hopping robots
1.5 mos June’04 Monash Univ., Australia Visiting Academic Robotics
2 mos May’02 McGill Univ., Canada Visiting Researcher Multibody dynamics
9 mos May’99 Univ. of Stuttgart, Germany Humboldt Fellow Parallel robot dynamics

Administrative Responsibilities

At IIT Delhi

  • Associate Dean of Students (~3yrs): Sept. 01’09 – June 30, 2012
  • Guide, Robocon team (10 yrs): 2003-2012
  • Chairman, I2Tech (Open House): Apr. 24’10
  • President, Board for Recreational and Creative Activities (BRCA): Sept.’09-Mar.’10
  • Vice-Chairman, GATE-2009 &JAM-2009 Examinations: Aug.’08-July’09
  • Chairman, B. Tech Evaluation Committee: July’08-May’09
  • Convenor, Dept. Research Committee: Sept.’05-Dec’06
  • President, Photography and Hobby Society, BRCA: Aug.’04-Dec.’06
  • Chairman, Tryst 2005 (Technical Festival)
  • Lab-in-charge, Mechatronics Lab. (> 7 yrs): 2001-2006, 2009 – till date
  • M. Tech Coordinator (Design) (3 yrs): Sept.’97-May’99; Sept.’00-May’02


  • Treasurer, Robotics Society of India (RSI), India (> 1.5 yrs): July 2011 - till date
  • Vice-President, Association of Machines and Mechanisms (AMM), India (> 5 yrs): Jan. 2008 – till date

Professional Achievements

Book/Course booklets/Proceedings Editor [7]

  • "Dynamics of Tree-type Robotics Systems," 2013, Springer, The Netherlands, Feb. (Co-authors: S.V. Shah, J.K. Dutt)
  • Active Device Development for Automobiles (A Reference Book), 2011, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany (Co-authors: S. Sehgal, I.N. Kar)
  • "Robotics Competition Knowledge Based Education in Engineering"(RoCK-BEE), 2010 (Released during Robocon 2010 by DD-Mumbai and MAE-Pune), Mar. (Co-author: M. Chauhan)
  • "Dynamics and Balancing of Multibody Systems," 2009, Springer, Germany, Jan. (Co-author: H. Chaudhary)
  • "Introduction to Robotics," 2008 (4th Reprint in 2011 & Spanish Edition in Mexico: 2010), Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, May
  • "Robotics," 2008, Three course booklets for IGNOU, New Delhi, Mar.
  • "Proceeding of the 11th Nat. Conf. On Machines and Mechanisms" (Editor), 2003, Dec. 18-19.

Technical Paper Publications [178]

  • Journal 45 (International: 40; National: 5)
  • Conference Proceedings 123 (International: 71; National: 52)

Patent [4]: Submitted in India (2003, ’06.’08) and Japan (1994)

  • "Device for Error-free Steering," Submitted in India, Mar’08; with Mr. Ali Rahmani Hanzaki and Dr. P.V.M. Rao, IIT Delhi
  • "A Protective Device for a Cylinder Lock" Submitted in India, May'06; with Mr. V. Puri & Mr. H.S. Arora from Minda-Huf Pvt. Ltd., and Dr. I.N. Kar, IIT Delhi
  • "Trenchless Steerable Drilling Machine" Submitted in India, Sept.'03; with Dr. P.V.M. Rao, IIT Delhi
  • "A New Kinematic Analysis for Free-Flying Space Robots." Submitted in Japan, 1994

Design Registration [4]: Granted for the following four items used for Carpet weaving (May’02, India)

  • Curved knife; 2. Beater; 3. Metal Comb; and 4. Scrapper (All with Prof. R. Prasad, IIT Delhi)

Software Developed [5]

  • IIT Delhi
    • ReDySim’12 (Recursive Dynamics Simulator)
    • RoboAnalyzer’10 (Robot Kinematics and Dynamics) [Formerly RIDIM’99 (Robot Control) & RFDSIM’99 (Robot simulation)]
    • VRL’98,’08 (Virtual Robotics Laboratory)
  • Toshiba Corp.
    • SpaceDyn’95 (Space robot dynamics)
  • McGill University
    • OMNI’91 (AGV simulation)

Sponsored Research (19; ₹5.6 crores)

  • On-going (3, Principle Investigator 3): ₹1.67 crores
  • Completed (16, Principle Investigator: 9): ₹3.93 crores
  • Outcome
    • 1 Ph. D student
    • 2 technology transfers
    • 4 Design registrations
    • 3 International Journal papers
    • 8 Conference papers

Consultancy/Industrial Research (9; Rs. ₹ 0.4 crores)

  • Completed (8, Principle Investigator: 5): Rs. 0.43 crores
  • Outcome
    • 1 Ph. D student
    • 1 best paper award
    • 2 Ph. D + 2 M. Tech high value scholarships
    • 2 Int. Conf. papers
    • 1 Patent submitted

New Initiatives

  • IIT Madras—Introduction of RoC-BEE (Robotic Competition Based Education in Engineering) and inauguration of lecture series “Robotics[AT]?” (Mar. 2007)
  • IIT Delhi
    • Guidance of ROBOCON Teams (2003-)
    • Establishments of new research area MuDRA (Multibody Dynamics for Rural Applications) (2003)
    • Mechatronics Lab. (2001); and SAE Club for students (1997)


  • Technical Editor of IEEE/ASME Transactions on of Mechatronics (> 1 yr.): 2010 – till date
  • National Award for the Guided Students: DD-MIT-Robocon 2007 Competition, Pune in Mar. (Represented India in Hanoi, Vietnam in Aug.’07)
  • Guided Best Student Project Award: B. Tech [8] (2001: 2; 2004; 2006; 2009; 2010; 2011: 2); M. Tech Project [2]  (2005, 2010)
  • Members of National Level Bodies [4]:
    • Robocon India Committee (2003-), Doordarshan-Robocon competitions
    • Academic Advisory Committee (2007-08), Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing, Kancheepuram
    • Programme Advisory and Monitoring Committee (2007-09): Programme on “Technology interventions for Elderly, Dept. of Sc. & Tech., New Delhi
    • Research Advisory Committee (2003-04), National Innovation Foundation (NIF), Ahmedabad
    • Steering Committee (2003-05), TePP, Dept. of Sc. & Tech., Technology Bhavan, New Delhi
  • Guest Editor (Dec. 2004): IFToMM International Journal of Mechanism and Machine Theory, Vol. 12.
  • International Judge for the 7th ABU-Robocon 2008, Aug. 31’08: One of the six international judges for the Robotic Competition held in MIT Pune, India
  • International Committee Member (2003-2006): Journal of Advanced Robotics (published by Robotics Society of Japan)
  • Chair/Co-Chair of Conference Sessions: Nat. IPROMM, Jan.’05, IIT Kharagpur; IEEE Int. Conf. on R&A, Apr.’07, Rome, Italy
  • Visiting Academic/Researcher: Monash Univ., Australia, June-July 2004; McGill Univ., Canada, May-July 2002
  • Humboldt Fellow: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany, in Univ. of Stuttgart (May 1999-Jan. 2000).
  • Invited Lectures [152]
  • Newspaper Interviews [21]:  See
  • Dean’s Honors List: McGill University, Canada, 1991 (for an excellent Ph. D. thesis)
  • Book Reviewer [1]: Springer, UK
  • Journal Reviewers [5]
    • International Journal of Robotic Systems, USA
    • ASME Transactions: Journal of Mechanical Design
    • International Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan
    • IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation
    • Int. Journal of Mechanisms and Machine Theory

Professional Membership

  • Fellow [1]: IEI (Since 2008)
  • Senior Member [1]: IEEE (Since 2007)
  • Member [4]: IEEE (1991-2007), USA; SAE (Since 1997); IEI (1997-2008) & AMM (Since 1995), India

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Foreign Languages
    • Japanese (Fluent)
    • French and German (Little)
  • Hobbies
    • Traveling [25 Countries:  Canada, USA, Jordan, Japan, Thailand, China, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, Austria, France, Portugal, Spain, Nepal, Taiwan, Australia, Italy, Vietnam, Russia, Switzerland, Poland, Ethiopia, Mexico, Iran, Bulgaria; India (25 of 29 States + 3 of 7 Union Territories): West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Assam, Meghalaya, Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim, Chattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Jammu & Kashmir, Tripura, Kerala, Bihar, Goa+ Delhi, Chandigarh, Puducherry]
    • Playing squash/badminton/tennis
    • Reading novels
    • Acting