JRL 301 Robotics Technology

This is a course for the UG students of IIT Delhi who are interested in Interdisciplinary Specialization on Robotics (IDSR). Click here for more information on IDSR. Please see how the completion of IDSR appears in your degree. Click here

Course Plan: 2017

Lecture 1: Introduction - Robot Mechanics 
Lecture 2: Robot Kinematics (Ch.-5) 
Lecture 3: Robot Kinematics (Ch.-5)
Lecture 4: Robot Kinematics (Ch.-6)
Lecture 5: Velocity Anayisis (Ch.-6)




 Course Plan: 2016

Lecture Notes: 01intro01aug16.pdf  02trans03aug16.pdf 03trans-kin11aug16.pdf 04kin-stat24aug16.pdf 05dyn31aug16.pdf 06mob-rob05sep16.pdf

Minor I: Marks (Out of 8); Solutions


Course Plan: 2015

Lecture notes: 01-02, 02-04, 05-07

Solutions to Minor I (Sept. 02, 2015): Answer 1, Answer 2