MCL738 Dynamics of Multibody Systems

This page contains information about the course contents, etc. 

MCL738 Dynamics of Multibody Systems (2-0-2) 

Course Coordinator: Prof. S.K. Saha,

Office: ME Head, II-264 (x6139) and II-419 (x1135)

Lecture hours and location: B-Slot (M-Th 9:30-11am), Room IV 339

Practical: To be announced later


Overview of kinematic description of serial, tree, and closed-loop chains; Degrees of freedom, and kinematic constraints; Basics of Euler-Lagrange and other classical dynamical formulations; Orthogonal complement based formulations; Dynamic algorithms (Inverse and Forward dynamics); Efficiency and numerical stability aspects of algorithms; Introduction to flexible-body formulations; Introduction to software like RecurDyn.

Reference books

1.    Shabana, A.A., 2005, Dynamics of Multibody Systems, Cambridge Press

2.    Chaudhary, H., and Saha, S.K., 2013, Dynamics and Balancing of Multibody Systems, Springer (India)

3.    Shah, S., Saha, S.K., and Dutt, J.K., 2014, Dynamics of Tree-type Robotic Systems, Springer

4.    Banerjee, Arun K., 2016, Flexible Multibody Dynamics—Efficient Formulations and Applications, Wiley

Marks, Attendance, and Audit

Minor I & II (20% each): 40% + Practical, Projects, and Quizzes: 25% + Major: 35% = 100%

Attendance Policy: 75% (For every 5% less one grade less)

Audit Pass: 75% attendance + 50% marks